On my regular day, Nespresso coffee is my best friend. How do I unwind from my routine – Board Games. A couple of games of Settlers of Catan or Monopoly Deal with good mates. I can be quite competitive.
Been in Australia since 2009, besides Brisbane I have lived in Ballina NSW for quite a number of years. It is a special place to my heart.
Absolutely love my familia who lives in overseas, can’t thank God enough for affordable flights + frequent flyer points to enable my frequent visits.
Marketing specialist by trade.


Artisan Soul
I dreamt of being an artist as a child, that 10 years old me would choose to perfect his art assignment than to play computer games. I could vividly recall a discussion with mum regarding the decision for my tertiary education over a long distance phone call while I was in the National service. Mum’s best intention was to ensure that I can make a great living out of a career and discouraged me to pursue art in a very stereotypical way.
“Van Gogh’s art was recognised after his death..”
I went to the School of Economics at QUT with a naive belief to crunch good number$, however I graduated with a Marketing degree. Clearly, I wasn’t geared for Economics.
I bought my first DSLR in 2010 – the Canon 50D with all the pocket money I have saved from my part time job during uni days.
I followed my heart to shoot what I loved shooting, Youtube was my source of education in this artistry. It’s a never ending journey
It’s a never ending journey with learning, and I make sure I do so.
“We are both works of art and artist at work.” – Erwin Raphael McManus


Why I love weddings?

With over 4 years of experience in the industry capturing clients’ wedding story week in week out,  I learned that wedding photography is not just about mastering the art of crafting hero shots. 

What matters more is to craft wedding photos that have the power to tell the story of the celebration.

It is a collaborative effort between client and the photographer to successfully tell the unique wedding story.


Most memorable project?

Spending a week in Tuscany, Italy. Wedding at Palazzo di Pierro (castle founded in 1599).


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