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Say goodbye to photo booths that draw crowds and gain attention but don’t offer the greatest prints.  Here at Jonas C Photography, we are proud to kick things up a notch and offer Photo Booth services that are not only fun and interactive but aesthetically pleasing in print!

People won’t be hiding our prints away in a box of mementos – instead, they will be showcasing them for family and friend to see for years to come..

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The Photographer. The Graphic Artist. The Marketing Specialist. The Chief of Fun.

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Photo Booth for Marketing Events

We understand the role that photo booths can play in marketing. To best serve you, our photo booths can boost your marketing communication by adding calls-to-action to each and every print. Not only will your event guests keep your information on display across the prints in their homes, but they can also share photos on social media platforms, increasing your brand exposure and potential customer-base. Forget wasting thousands of dollars on printed fliers and brochures which will just be thrown away – instead, opt for a photo booth with your marketing message. Let us help you use photography as a leading piece in your marketing regime!

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Photo Booth For Wedding / Family Events

From weddings to engagement parties, birthdays to anniversaries, you can commemorate your special day with our high-quality photos. Our wide selection of stunning, modern, and contemporary designs will bring your photos to life while showcasing your important memories.

Our Photo Booths are not limited to our own selection! If you have a theme and existing artwork designed for your special event, we can embed it into the print template, making your photos unique and completely original.

Fun, interactive, and elegant, our Photo Booth services ensure that your selfies with loved ones are professionally captured in a way that you can treasure for a lifetime! Give a gift of memories to your guest.

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